Spousal Support/Alimony Pendente Lite/Alimony Mediation & Litigation

Spousal Support/Alimony Mediation & Litigation

In a marriage, partners often take on different roles to support the family. One partner may earn most of the income, and the other may stay home to take care of the household, children or other dependents. In other homes, both parties work, but one may earn substantially less than the other or become unexpectedly unemployed. Whatever the reason, when one spouse earns substantially more income than the other, the lower income spouse may be entitled to support. In Pennsylvania, there are three types of support for a spouse: Spousal Support (before a divorce complaint is filed), Alimony Pendente Lite (support pending the divorce) and Alimony (support after divorce). The amount of support paid/received is determined largely by applying a formula to the parties’ net incomes. However, proving or determining a parties’ net income or earning potential, requires careful evaluation of income records and background. In some cases, circumstances call for a reduction or increase in support amount. Factors resulting in an increase or decrease to the standard support payment may include mortgage payments, debt payments, medical issues, and custodial time.  We understand what factors need to be considered in your case to achieve the best possible order for you. Our areas of experience include:

  • High-Income Disputes over Support/Alimony
  • Hidden Income detection through tax deductions, unreported income, business income, and expenses
  • Modification of Support
  • Termination of Order
  • Enforcement of Order
  • Alimony Agreements

If you want to know how much support you may owe or receive, or whether you are paying too much, or receiving too little, contact The Law Offices of Jessica Sirolly, Esquire.